Academy Course Descriptions and Assignments for 2018-2019

General Instructions

All Academy courses are to be completed during the one-month period of time in which the course is taught.  Each of the courses (except the two-part course covering The Rotary Foundation) will include the following tasks:
(1) Reading various documents and responding to related discussion topics; (2) Completing a club Survey on the course topic; (3) Completing a one-year club Action Plan based on the results of the survey; (4) Completing an online final exam.  Additional requirements for each course are listed below.




August 1-31

Canvas Pre-Course”
Instructor, Harriett Schloer
RC of Bend High Desert
Canvas Administrator)

This course will be available August 15 – August 31 of 2018 as each student is enrolled in the DLA program.  It is designed to help them become familiar with the Canvas “Virtual Classroom”, a cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS).  Students will be given access to this Pre-Course immediately upon being enrolled in the Class of 2019.  If the student encounters any problems whatsoever accessing or using Canvas, this “pre-course” will give them the opportunity to get the help from the Canva if they may need to become “proficient” in the Canvas program prior to the beginning of Course #1:  Communications.

September 1-30

Course #1Communications:

This course provides an overview of the history and growth of Rotary’s use of electronic communications not including Social Media.  Students will become familiar with the Rotary International web site and use the site to complete numerous course assignments throughout the Academy year. 

Webinar:   The course will begin by viewing a series of pre-recorded 5-10 minute videos that provide an overview and tour of the RI Web site, as well as the Canvas virtual classroom.  These will include the RI web site in general, MyRotary, Rotary Club Central, the Rotary Learning Center, Rotary Brand Central, and Rotary Showcase.  For the Canvas virtual classroom, they will learn how to use the Syllabus, navigate Canvas, submit assignments by text and upload and how to complete online discussions.  These do not need to be viewed all at once but should be viewed over a 2-3 days at their convenience.  Once completed, they will have the necessary background to use the Rotary web site as well as navigate and use Canvas.

Assignments / Tasks: 

  1. Students will complete a, 10 question Web Challenge where all of the answers will be found only on the RI web site  When completed it is to be submitted to the instructor by up loading it using the assignment page in Canvas..

  2. Students will complete a Club Communications Survey with input from various club leaders and members.

  3. Students will prepare a 1-year Club Communications Action Plan based on the survey for this course using information from the survey and input from their club members, then complete the action plan using the provided template and submit it to the instructor by uploading to the assignment page in Canvas.

October 1-31
31 Day Course

       Course #2Membership:

This course covers membership recruitment, retention, and extension.  All of Rotary’s latest membership resources will be made available, as well as tools to help students analyze their club’s membership over the previous five years.

 Webinar:  A webinar is optional for this course and will be determined by the instructor


  1. Includes all of the tasks listed in the General Instructions

  2. In addition, students will invite at least one individual to a Rotary meeting with the goal of proposing them as a member by the end of the Rotary year.  If the student has proposed or sponsored a member since July 1 of the current Rotary year, this will qualify as completing this part of the assignment.

November 1-30
30-day course

    Course #3Public Image

The course covers RI’s Public Image policies and the importance of developing Rotary’s Public Image, concentrating on the new “People of Action” PIan  . Students will be given examples of the successful use of Public Relations to promote the work of their club and grow membership as well as create greater public awareness of Rotary.
Webinar:  A webinar is optional for this course and will be determined by the instructor:


  1. Includes all of the tasks listed in the General Instructions.

  2. Students will use the Rotary Brand Center to create an official Rotary logo for their club using the online template.

  3. Students will use the Rotary Brand Center to select from a variety of available templates to create a promotional item that can be used by their Rotary club such as business cards, newsletter, brochure, etc.

December 1 – 31 -Academy Closed for the Holidays.  This time can be used by the students to finish any course work for the first semester that has not yet been completed and submitted to the instructor.




January 1-31
31-day course

Course #4Youth Service

This course covers Rotary’s four primary youth programs, how clubs can participate in them, and various requirements for working with youth.
Webinar:  A webinar is optional for this course and will be determined by the instructor.

Assignments and Tasks: 

  1. Includes all of the tasks listed in the General Instructions.

  2. Using the Rotary Brand Center, students will create a brochure describing their club’s participation in RI’s Youth Service Programs.

February 1-28
28 day course

Course #5 RI Organization

Even though this course will not be “taught” until the 16 of the month, all of the course contents will be available on September 1 and students will be able to access it and work on it as soon as they complete the Communications course.  This course covers the organizational structure of Rotary at the club, district, and international level.  Major changes as implemented by the 2016 Council on Legislation will be focused on.
Webinar:  A webinar is optional for this course and will be determined by the instructor.  .

March 1 – 25
25 day course

Course #6-A TRF – Part 1
Polio, Peace Fellows,
Areas of Focus &

The final two courses in the Academy program cover The Rotary Foundation.  Due to the many components of TRF, the course covers 2 months and is taught in two parts.

Part 1 covers PolioPlus, Peace Fellowships, the Six Areas of focus, and fundraising. 

Webinar:  A webinar is optional for this course and will be determined by the